Have built a new rig and got new monitor...

Here's the specs of the rig:


Basically the monitor has one hdmi and one vga input at the back. I know the vga input on the monitor works because it works when I connect a laptop to it. However, when i try to use my gtx680 as the source (dvi to vga adapter) the monitor just shows a black screen.

I know the vga cable works and the dvi adapter does too as I can hook the rig up to my tv and it works over vga no problem.

Any ideas what I can do? I need to use vga not hdmi as I cannot access the UEFI over hdmi.

Thanks for help, I need to find out quite fast only have 4 days left to return the monitor if it is somehow incompatible with my computer.


The specs state:

Output Type: HDMI

Not sure but I think that means only HDMI and the VGA actually will not produce signal, sorry.

  • as my question said, my gfx card is capable of outputting more than just hdmi... – generationn Jun 6 '12 at 22:25

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