I have two users on my Linux box:

  • John: an admin
  • Jane: a normal user.

I added them both into group called xampp_users. How can I allow both users to have read/write/execute permissions for directory /opt/lampp? I changed the owner and group of /opt/lampp to xampp_users, but it did not work.

  • please post the result of ls -ld /opt/lampp and grep xampp_users /etc/group – Matteo Jun 7 '12 at 5:19

If ls -l /opt/lampp displays the correct group, you probably have not applied the correct permissions for that directory. Use this command to fix that issue:

chmod g+rwx /opt/lampp

If you need to apply the permissions to the files in the directory too (probably yes), use -R to recursively apply commands chmod, chown, or chgrp.

If you want the new files created in this directory to be owned by the xampp_user group and not the main group of each user, use:

chmod g+s /opt/lampp

I you have not already, you may need to change the umask of the users to allow rwx on the group. Run man umask to learn how to apply the umask you want.

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