I bought and installed the XFX6770. It has 4 connections, 1 DP, 1 HDMI, and 2 DVI.

I can only get 2 monitors to work at a time. I have both DVI ports used and currently using a DP to HDMI adapter for the 3rd. Only the DP 1 DVI will work at a time. in the screen resolution screen in windows, all 3 monitors are detected, but one is always disabled. When I try to enable the 3rd, I get an error messagebox stating that it cannot apply display settings. I get the same problem when use the HDMI port with 2 DVI. The front of the box clearly states support for up to 3 monitors.

My question is this: How in the world do I get the 3rd monitor to work? I have Catalyst installed, but it only picks up 2 monitors as well. Is this a software problem? A driver? Maybe I missed a power connector on the card? I connected one from my power supply to the card already. Maybe I have to use the connectors in a certain combination?


You have to use an active DP to HDMI adapter. Most adapters that are sold are passive. The active adapters are usually a bit more expensive. Doublecheck that your adapter is active, and if not; buy one.

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