In my excel sheet, I have selected date in Format Cells as 3/14/01 (which is M/DD/YY)

Some cells in DATE column are showing date in correct format like 5/31/12 (M/DD/YY), while some are showing it as 31/5/12 (D/MM/YY).

When I select any Date Cell from dale column, it shows 1/6/12, date on top data entry section appear as 06/01/2012

See attached pic for more info on this weired issue.

Any suggestion please?

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    Check if those cell values are actually datetime values, or strings – Mark Baker Jun 7 '12 at 17:16

Excel is looking for a 4 digit year. Replace the two digit 5/31/12 with 5/31/2012 and see what happens.

The other thing that happens is Excel looks to see what the regional date settings are and tries to match them. When I changed my regional settings for the date, Excel updated accordingly.

Under Windows 7. Right click the date under the taskbar and choose Adjust Date/Time. Change Date and Time. Change Calendar Settings.

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There is a discrepancy between your control panel Windows Regional settings, and how you are entering the dates. So some (those where m>12) will get interpreted as text and appear to display OK, other will be converted to dates but probably not the way you wish. Either enter your dates according to your windows short-date format, or IMPORT your file, using the text import wizard to properly assign the date input format.

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