I am trying to run a windows batch file from a ssh login. I have successfully installed cygwin w/ OpenSSH on the server (windows 2003).

I can log in and run the file, but the file does not run properly because it relies on an environment variable. I discovered that for security reasons not all environment variables are added to the ssh shell. I added the environment variable I need (in ~/.profile), but the file still errors out.
I modified the file and had it output the environment variable that was causing issues before, and I discovered that it was still not set. So, even though I added the environment variable, and it exists in the shell, it is not available in the shell the batch file is being run in.

How would I add the environment variable to the batch file's shell?
Modifying the file permanently is not an option; it is created by another program, and I am trying to write a git hook to run the file on another machine after a "git push"


You could write a small shell script that sets the environment variable(s) and then runs the batch file. For example:

export VAR1="value of VAR1"
export VAR2="value of VAR2"

This example assumes that script.bat is in the current working directory and that you have execute permission for it.

  • that's what I ended up doing. the problem is that the script is in a folder that the build process of the program recreates, so it would get overwritten. It has to be called from that directory too, as it relies on the pwd variable. I worked around the issue though by creating the file on the fly as I needed it with echo commands. – AsherMaximum Jun 11 '12 at 11:21
  • You could put the above shell script in a place where it can persist, then put a cd ... command just before the ./script.bat to change to the appropriate directory just before launching the batch file. That way the above shell script doesn't have to be overwritten or deleted. – Fran Jun 11 '12 at 15:38

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