I have bought a ACER Aspire 5736Z-4790 laptop for my parents. It just passed the warranty. I think the hard disk is bad now. I cannot open/copy some of my files. It will crash (blue screen) when I do chkdsk /f/r in the stage 4 of 5 which is verifying file data. I can hear a strange noise when it is reading the bad sectors (I guess because it hangs there.)

I am thinking replace the hard disk. should I buy the same hard disk or any SATA laptop hard disk will be ok?

BTW, is there a way to repair it (with software)?


Any 2.5inch sata hard disk would work, with some caveats. The standard hard drive thickness is 9mm. Some systems use 7mm drives. You could install a 7mm drive in a 9mm socket with a shim, but not vice versa.

If its physical damage and makes funny noises, its probably not repairable. Some people seem to think that SpinRite might do the trick with some sorts of damage, but i've not tried it myself, and i don't entirely understand the science behind the process it uses.

I'd also suggest checking with the hard drive manufacturer and Acer if there's a separate warranty for the hard drive - iirc the standard laptop warranty is 1 year, drives seem to have 3 year warranty

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    There is also 12.5mm 2.5" drives, 1tb. OEM drives have no warranty from the manufacturer. – Moab Jun 11 '12 at 3:41

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