I have a user who has a lot of files that need to be converted from .doc to docx. A fully batched process is not the right way to go but multiple files are needed. I think that a right-click in explorer would be good, and have got this working nicely but now need a converter that works!

I have tried the OFC.exe tool that is described here and here. What is frustrating to me is that when i run the conversion, I find the doc is converted to docx, but it is still in compatibility mode.

I have also used the wordconv file converter as described at this stack overflow question but I cannot find any description of the command line.

I would like to use wordconv, because it doesn't need a ini file, it is already installed and made by MS so no issues with having to get new software purchased in the corporate environment. I don't really want to break out visual studio and get all COM'd up.

So: will wordconv work? do you have the command line? do i need another approach?

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