I have the basic model Kindle and I have many books on it that I would like to transfer to my Toshiba Thrive. The catch is that I do not have WIFI or internet access where I am located. Is there a way to just transfer the files.

  • Do you have any way to connect the two devices? – soandos Jun 13 '12 at 8:26
  • I cannot find a "kindle" folder on my Thrive where the kindle app stores books so I would not know where to copy them. – Paul Jun 17 '12 at 22:49
  • I do not think that kindles or Thrives are computer in the context for a SU question. If this was to transfer files from one of the tables to a computer or visa versa it would be an acceptable question here. VTC. – Carl B May 26 '14 at 3:47

The books will be available as .mobi files in your Kindle internal memory, in a folder called documents or similar. You can use the Kindle as a normal USB drive, but you need a PC to transfer the files, or it may be possible to use the tablet as host (I'm not sure about that).

If you bought them, there is a high chance that they will be DRM protected, so you couldn't be able to transfer them.

  • The books are actually from the public library system via Overdrive. – Paul Jun 13 '12 at 22:43
  • @BoundforPNG: I don't know what Overdrive is; can't you use a laptop for the transfer? – clabacchio Jun 14 '12 at 6:58
  • Overdrive is a system that many public libraries use to manage and loan eBooks. – Paul Jun 17 '12 at 22:49

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