I'm pretty positive I was able to preview table borders in MS Word. E.g. table borders were visible on screen, but not printed on paper. I would like to get that behaviour back, but cannot find such option.

To reiterate: I want my table borders to be visible on-screen only, I know how to change table borders' width etc., but these changes are reflected on paper too...


You can enable View Gridlines under Table Tools > Layout when a table is focused. When no border is set, Word will draw a light-blue, dashed line in its place.

view gridlines


  • With borders:


  • Without borders:


  • What is printed:



Word will draw table gridlines if you have Show text boundaries enabled under File > Options > Advanced > Show document content. The View Gridlines option above only applies to tables while this applies to the entire document. Also, the lines are dotted instead of dashed.




Use the table Tools/Design tab/Borders drop down list. Select All Borders

  • this will change the format for that table, not preview how the table looks like – phuclv Apr 20 at 15:32

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