I'm looking for a background switcher that has these features:

  • Add folders to use as source of wallpapers (usually called 'monitor folder')
  • Enable/disable those folders (not just add/remove)
  • Crop and resize (usually called just "Zoom" in Ubuntu)
  • Play, pause, stop, next, previous, redraw, and open wallpaper options on the launcher shortcut, or in the mini icon in the top bar (don't know how to call those icons)

So far the best I found is "Wallch", but it lacks some of the features mentioned above. In Windows I used "John's background switcher".

Is there anything like this for Linux? I'm using Ubuntu 12.


You can try Desktop Nova or Sync Wall(Has nearly all the features you asked for) and there a list of wallpaper changers in Lifehacker AU and Lifehacker.


I'll just pust Wallch as the winner.

It does not have all the features just yet, but I contacted the developer and he added what was missing, and will be available on the next release.


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