I've encountered a few cue/bin, mds/mdf files that I had lying around at one of my hard drives since the time when I was using windows, and now I'd like to convert them to Iso. I did some Googling, but only ended up more confused afterwards.

If there's anyone that got a good solution, please answer.

Thanks Albin


Use bchunk and mdf2iso which are in the official repositories :

bchunk file.bin file.cue file.iso


mdf2iso file.mdf file.iso

Have a look at what you already have in your repositories with the apt-cache search 2iso:

b5i2iso - BlindWrite image to ISO image file converter
ccd2iso - Converter from CloneCD disc image format to standard ISO
cdi2iso - DiscJuggler image to ISO image file converter
daa2iso - The DAA files (Direct Access Archive) to ISO converting tool
mdf2iso - A simple utility to convert mdf to iso / cue / toc images
nrg2iso - Extracts ISO9660 data from Nero ".nrg" files
pdi2iso - Instant Copy image to ISO image file converter
uif2iso - converts UIF files (used by MagicISO) to ISO or other formats

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  • mdf2iso is not compatible with all mdf or mds files. Has not been updated for a very long time. You are better off using Windows software. – Smeterlink May 3 at 5:37

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