In smb.conf I have the line

valid users = @Staff @Directors

Is this a valid syntax to add two groups to the valid users line? It does not seem to work right on our xp pro clients.

If not which of the following is the proper way (if any) to make two groups valid users of this network drive?

Which is proper for windows clients?

valid users = +Staff +Directors

Or do I need to use the &

valid users = &Staff &Directors

Or some combo of the two?

valid users = &+Staff &+Directors
valid users = +&Staff +&Directors

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Just add comma ',' if you want multiple valid users. See line that I used below.

valid users = @group1, @group2
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    This is a way quicker solution to my problem... I found the workaround almost a year before you responded.
    – skids89
    Mar 2, 2014 at 1:11

I wound up adding the users from the most restricted group Directors to the Staff and Interns group as well as their original group. Then I added the users from the Staff group to the Interns group as well as their original group.

The line I used was a simple

valid users = @group_name
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On Samba4 with internal dns:

valid users = +"cmpc.leg\adm" 

also works.





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