I am running CPU-Z on Windows 7 Virtual PC on Macbook Pro. The "memory" and "SPD" tabs are empty. However, there is a validation button next to OK button at the bottom.

When I click on the "validation" button, it pops a dialog where I provide email address and it takes me to this link but I do not know how to activate CPU-Z. I have used it in the past without any problem. Why it does not work?

enter image description here

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Cpu-Z is trapped in a virtual machine and has no access to the real hardware. I'm not sure what you're expecting it to do. Virtual RAM is a software-only construct and doesn't have cycle times, latencies, and so on. Your machine doesn't even necessarily have DDR2 RAM, that's just what the VM software reports.


They are greyed out because they do not make sense in a virtual machine, since it isn't physical hardware and therefore has no idea of timings, latency etc...

The "validation" feature refers to the CPU-Z Validator facility, which allows one to prove that their CPU-Z readings are genuine (needed when sharing information about overclocks, hardware stability etc...) and not faked.

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