This is my situation:

I work as a consultant, and thus work out of multiple computers:

  • my work-laptop
  • a desktop at my primary client
  • my desktop at home
  • an android smartphone
  • an android tablet

Likewise, I have multiple accounts:

  • A Microsoft Exchange (2010 AFAIK) account
  • A Microsoft Exchange (2007 AFAIK) account
  • A gmail account

The most important thing I need is the ability to have events in one calendar affect the free / busy status of all other accounts (so that if I am busy on Monday 9am with an event from my employer's account, it will show that time as busy in my client's account, and in the gmail account.

Second thing I need is a unified view of all of my accounts' info: Appointments, email, tasks, and contacts (in that order of importance).

I've already tried Outlook synchronization tools such as gSyncit, to sync both exchange accounts with gmail, but this creates a mess when updating appointments (deleted appointments sometimes return, timestamps revert).

Is there perhaps some way to at least synchronize the free/busy state in a way that all of my calendar apps / accounts will look there to see if I can be invited? Just solving that would be well worth my while.


unless you have to have outlook enviroument for exchange or something like that, i would go with a gmail based everything, and have send-as authentication from gmail to both xch accounts.

google calender lets you import other calendars, and if your exhcnage publishes it's calendar feed, you can get a live one as well. otherwise i would import all existing meetings from it, and keep working from google calendar. This one does publish a public feed if you tell it to, so anyone can see you free//bus times, or more if you set it so.

need more details? a

edited for more details >>

to get send as just go in gmail settings > accounts and import > Send Mail As and add an account. you might need to get some info from your XCH postmaster

the exchange feed i dont remember by heart but you can probably get it from your outlook. google it.

soryy i cant reply to your msg up there but im lacking points here..

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  • This sounds great. A few questions though: - How do I get the exchange feed (assuming my servers publish them)? - How do I set up gmail to have send-as auth? - How do I make sure that my gmail F/B status is checked by people in the exch domains who try adding me to their meetings? – Assaf Stone Jun 22 '12 at 4:54
  • Also, do you know where I can find the URL for my google calendar, so that I can set the WebDAV sync from Outlook to google? – Assaf Stone Jun 22 '12 at 5:13

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