I have an HP dv6 laptop which has been giving me few problems lately, before even booting to Linux/Windows.

So, I have a dual boot Windows/Linux setup, and the screen is stuck at the HP logo, with a text in the bottom (that shows every time) saying "Press ESC to pause startup". Usually, pressing this will prompt me to press either F9 for Boot device order or F1 for system information etc... Also, I can press these keys directly without pressing ESC.

Now, when it is stuck, pressing any will display a text like "ESC... Pausing startup" and it stays there forever. And if I leave it without pressing, the same thing happens, with the text not changing. The only way to get out of this is to press the power button, a single press (or 8 seconds does the job too).

This happens sometimes only, and after when I reboot, it boots normally, and sometimes it doesn't. I wait, turn it on, and then it does...

I had issues of overheating, but these are apparently unrelated. Few days ago, it got so hot, it shut down. I waited for it co cool down, and when I turned it back on, it booted normally. Today, it does this.

Is it possible that the hardware is damaged because of overheating? Is there any log I can check out to try and see what is happening when it hangs? I'm not sure that if I send it to repair, they'll be able to reproduce the problem...

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