I recently started using Xming to display-back X11 applications from a Linux VM to my Win XP desktop. It's great -- much more useful than the solution I had before, which used VNC -- but the clipboard behavior is wonky.

At first, I couldn't get the clipboard to sync at all. I killed and restarted Xming a couple of times, and now it's consistent (but wrong):

  • When I copy in Windows, I can paste in Linux or Windows.
  • When I copy in Linux, I can paste in Linux but not Windows.
  • When I copy in Windows, then select in Linux, the primary (selection) and secondary (CTRL-C) buffers both work fine in Linux, but pasting in Windows doesn't work.

Note that when I say pasting in Windows "doesn't work", the Paste menu item is available, indicating Windows thinks there's something on the clipboard, but nothing gets pasted.

  • FWIW I now use the XWin Server bundled with Cygwin instead of Xming, and I've never had this issue since switching. – Coderer Jan 11 '17 at 10:04

In X-Launch, “Clipboard – Primary Selection – Also map the PRIMARY selection to the Windows clipboard”, uncheck it.

  • confirming that playing with the XLaunch settings worked for me too – Noam Hacker Jan 21 '16 at 15:48
  • 1
    For me just running XMing using XLaunch made it work. – The Quantum Physicist Feb 17 '16 at 13:51
  • It seems to need a newer version of Xming, not the old version from Sourceforge which is freely available. – Sam Watkins May 16 '16 at 0:42

You could try VcXsrv if you are using the public domain version of Xming (


I've just discovered VcXsrv and in my quick test copy/paste works perfectly between Linux and Windows both ways. (Ubuntu 12.04 xterm, emacs and Windows XP)


Using the "public domain release" Release: it turned out that turning on the -nodecoration option, allowed the clipboard from linux to be shared to windows

Using git-bash:

$ export PATH=$PATH:</path/to/Xming/>
$ Xming :0 -multiwindow -clipboard -nodecoration & 
$ ssh -Y <hostname> "gnome-terminal"

I could then highlight text inside the terminal window, and paste it around windows :)

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