What's the best way to share certain passwords that are stored in a Keepass database?

For example, I want to share certain Banking Passwords with a family member, but I don't want to share my work passwords (or my personal Keepass database password)

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I usually just create different database files and share them with a Dropbox link, having two different files with two different random keys. I'm using version 2.09.

I have a "personal.kdbx" database that has all my personal stuff and a "company-name.kdbx". I usually use the "key file" option to open the databases since it's easier to the people I share with to copy it to an old USB drive and say "this drive is needed to open the passwords in the file, DO NOT lose this flash drive".

I don't know if this approach is a good one to your scenario, I think you're looking for some kind of "groups permissions" in a single *.kdbx file. I don't think this is possible. I haven't seen this option on the KeePass website or in the documentation.


I work voluntarily on various IT related projects, where we are groups of people that share passwords, and the different groups all share their own KeePass databases via Dropbox. All users are then required to have a personal KeePass database wherein the key to the shared databases are stored. This allows us to have a very secure password on our shared databases, but also requires that the different users also use secure passwords for their private databases.

This process is then simplified further by this neat "trick" I found on the KeePass forum (slightly modified/improved):

  1. Create an entry in your personal database with the Password for the shared database
  2. On the advanced tab create a field named DbPath and with the value of where the shared database is located.
  3. Set the Url value to: cmd://"{APPDIR}\KeePass.exe" "{s:DbPath}" -pw-enc:{PASSWORD_ENC}
    Alternatively, if path doesn't fit, @lonstar suggested this edit, where you also set a variable for the KeePass path: cmd://"{s:KeePassPath}" "{s:DbPath}" -pw-enc:{PASSWORD_ENC}
  4. Now, when you want to open the shared database, mark the entry and press CTRL + U.

Hope you find this approach as useful as I did. :)


I do not know your reasoning behind choosing KeePass (I personally prefer it), but it sounds like your needs could be better met using LastPass that has sharing features built in.

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    Security note: When passing the password of another DB to to be opened by KeePass it is much better practice to encrypt the password before passing it in plaintext to cmd.exe. You can do this by replacing -pw:{PASSWORD} with -pw-enc:{PASSWORD_ENC} See keepass.info/help/base/placeholders.html#passwordenc
    – adam
    Oct 27, 2015 at 18:48
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    @Kiquenet: I'm not exactly sure what you're after. Having a bat file open KeePass without entering the password, completely destroys security of the setup. Perhaps you should ask a specific question about it? Oct 13, 2016 at 17:26
  • How-to encrypt the password to passing in plaintext to cmd, bat script;( script calls Keepass.exe) ?
    – Kiquenet
    Oct 13, 2016 at 17:40
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    @Thomas KeePassXC actually has better options. keepassxc.org/docs/… for best solution but KeePassXC only, and keepassxc.org/docs/… for better version of what I propose here. :) Mar 8, 2021 at 21:41
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    This still works in KeePass 2 in 2023 - I modified it slightly by adding a field for path to KP as KeePassPath so string is cmd://"{s:KeePassPath}" "{s:DbPath}" -pw-enc:{PASSWORD_ENC}. I prefer KeePass2 as it's actually undergone a security audit where KeePassXC, which seems like a fine program otherwise, has not.
    – lonstar
    Dec 27, 2023 at 15:33

Keep two separate databases (for your Banking passwords and one for your personal passwords).

You can then use use the Windows home sharing feature (in Win7) and share the .kdbx file for your banking passwords with a certain computer at home.

I would usually use a separate (specially created) email account where I would upload my personal .kdbx file as a backup. You can use this method to share your Bank passwords database with a person who knows the username and password for the email service where you uploaded the .kdbx.


You can also install a plugin in Keepass. I know that a Canadian company, Secure Exchanges, has developed an addin for Keepass that is used to share registration information via secure email. I use it for myself and it works very well.

Your contact will receive a secure email, which you can also protect with a password if you wish, and they will have access to your "password" without you having to share your comic or create a new user.

If you change your password afterwards, they will only receive it if you share it again.

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