Every html5 video I try to play online plays at double/1.5x speed (very useful when trying to fastforward through a video, not great otherwise). I can slow it down to half speed (e.g. on YouTube HTML5 player), but can't get it back to normal.

The weirdest part is that it's not just one browser: it's every browser on my computer. (and clearing cache, etc doesn't really help). Flash video still works fine.

I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 (specifically Lubuntu, but I'm guessing it doesn't make a difference).

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Took me days to figure out the issue, but basically pulseaudio can get screwed up and somehow cause all html5 video to go wonky.

Easy fix:

  1. Stop pulseaudio:

    killall pulseaudio (or) pulseaudio -k

  2. Restart pulseaudio

    go to Run (Alt+F2) and type pulseaudio (or run pulseaudio in a terminal)

And this weird error will magically be fixed.

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