I have an issue on a PC in my client office. When I copy a URL from Internet Explorer (URL bar or inside a page), a new tab is opened and the clipboard is erased.

I tried with other web browsers, it's the same except that the new tab is opened in the default browser.

I also tried a clipboard manager, still the same.

I haven't found any weird software on any of the PC.


I haven't found any weird software on any of the PC.

You need to keep looking.

I am not aware of such a feature in Windows 7 itself. So I doubt it is to blame here.

I also doubt it's a browser feature, as the behavior seems to be browser independent and system-wide.

OK, so what should I look for?

I did a quick search to see what applications might make use of such a feature. Maybe you'll recognize something.

  1. Note taking
    Applications that automatically record URLs, so you can look at them later on.
    Example: Logix Clipboard URL Monitor

  2. Download managers
    Applications (or browser extensions) that want to help you manage your downloads.
    Example: IDM Download Manager and FlashGet

  3. Clipboard Enhancement
    Applications that somehow extend the functionality of the default clipboard.
    Example: Clipboard Monitor and Launch Clipboard

  • Is there any program that could monitor this ? – eephyne Jun 23 '12 at 11:34
  • @eephyne: I added some examples for you. Good luck hunting :) – Der Hochstapler Jun 23 '12 at 11:47

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