Back when I used Windows, I always used WinRAR for file compression and decompression. It had a fair amount of options like 'just storage' vs 'hard compression', password protection and archive type.

Now that I use Mac OSX, the only compression possibility I have is the default Finder's Compress to Zip. I downloaded the most popular decompression software "Unarchiver". But this app can't compress other archive types either.

I went for a search but there seem to be hardly any good advanced compression tools that work nice in OSX and have the options WinRAR has. (WinRAR works in OSX but command line only, I'm looking for something with a GUI.)

Any ideas? I strongly prefer freeware. I found Archiver and StiffIt, but they are both commercial.


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I use p7zip from the command-line; there is a GUI for this called Keka which appears to fulfil your requirements.

  • Although I like the rar format and Keka doesn't support it, Keka is indeed one of the best out there Jul 9, 2012 at 10:12

If you don't mind using the Terminal, there's always tar and gzip which are bundled with OS X.

There's also GUI Tar, which seems to be just a GUI frontend for *nix compression programs (like tar).

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