I would like to open the Volume Control popup directly without using the mouse or keyboard. Currently, I am using AutoHotkey to press Win+B to focus on the system tray, Left to highlight the Volume Control icon icon, and then Enter to bring up the popup.

volume control

I assume that this is possible, considering that you can open the View Available Networks window with

rundll32 van.dll,RunVAN

as opposed to using the Network icon icon.

Is there a way to invoke the Volume Control popup from the command prompt? Please note that I am not looking to use the Volume Mixer (sndvol):

volume mixer

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sndvol.exe is what you want, you just need to use the -f flag to make it show just the master volume slider:

sndvol.exe -f

Running just sndvol.exe opens the volume mixer, as you noted.

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    Future Googlers: Note that you can access Mute button with Tab Spacebar
    – cssyphus
    Sep 12, 2018 at 17:45

sndvol.exe allows you to specify window coordinates after -f and -t switches:

coordinates = y * 65536 + x, where x and y are signed integers

This command will open a window at x=500 y=400:

sndvol.exe -f 26214900

-f switch opens Volume Control, -t opens Volume Mixer.

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    In 2022, on Windows 10 you must use -t option for coordinates. For example, to open Volume Mixer as OS does itself by clicking on context menu item (right click on Speaker icon) run this command sndvol.exe -t 99490633
    – hotenov
    May 20, 2022 at 9:02


As mentioned in my comment, using sndvol -f as per @Indrek's answer opens the Volume Control window in an unusual location, away from the system tray. Using AutoHotkey, we can make the popup appear where we see fit:

SetWinDelay, -1
Run, % "sndvol -f"
WinWaitActive, ahk_class #32770
WinMove, % A_ScreenWidth - 84, % A_ScreenHeight - 305 - 48

This script places the window at the bottom right of the screen. You can customize it to by changing the last line (WinMove).



On windows XP: Use sndvol32 as follows

sndvol32 no params to display master volume window

sndvol32 -x to display small master volume window

sndvol32 -t to display volume control only (as per sound icon)

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