I have a lot of files that I would like to access from both of my dual-booted OS's. How do I make a shared folder? Is there a simpler method? (Like some kind of a shared folder, although I doubt that because of different filesystem formats and all that...)


You should create and NTFS partition and set up it to mount automatically on ubuntu start. You can edit the file /etc/fstab and include a line like this:

/dev/sda10 /media/Winbugs7/ ntfs-3g defaults,user,rw    0   0

Where /dev/sda10 is the partition and /media/Winbugs7 is the (existing!) directory where the partition will be mounted.

More reading at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions


You just create seperated partition in NTFS format..you can easily access that from both ubuntu and windows.


While Ubuntu will automatically mount your windows NTFS partition so you can access the windows drive from Ubuntu. You can install Ext2Fsd on your windows install and that will allow you to access the ubuntu ext3/ext4 partition from windows explorer.

If you don't want any extra software on your windows install to do this. You could either create a new NTFS partition as @aleo0317 has already answered or you can create a folder in your windows NTFS Partition that is already mounted. Why create a whole new partition when you have one for windows that can be accessed by both OS's.

Cheers I hope this helps.

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