I'm looking for a log viewing solution for (mostly) Linux and (preferably) Windows too. I want to be able to centralize the log information for a lot of servers so that people in the company can see what's going on for different servers.

I would guess this would involve having a central server which accepts information from the various computers / virtual machines with (perhaps) a running daemon on each of the servers.

Does such a software exist?

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See if syslog-ng can be of any help :)

There are many others but IMO this is the most popular one.


  • You will need to install Cygwin environment for Windows, but I agree - syslog-ng is a good solution. Jul 3, 2012 at 10:41

Try ReflectInsight. Look at the Router Service. It handles exactly what you are asking for.

DISCLAIMER: I'm one of the developers for ReflectInsight.

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