I am using mpd with mpc for all my music needs.

Now, what I want to ask is how to load/play songs from a particular playlist in mpc/mpd so that it only plays those song.

For example,

I created a linkinpark.m3u playlist file using ncmpcpp.Now I want to load this playlist in mpc so that it only plays the song which are included in the above mentioned playlist. Currently what it does is play all my songs at random.

Output of lsplaylists

ranrag@ranrag:~$ mpc lsplaylists 
[other playlists]

PS: No, gmpc or sonata based solution please.

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ncmpc shows the playlists in the Browse screen (3).


ncmpcpp is quite similar to ncmpc maybe it behave the same.


You can load (append) a playlist with the load command, so to play a specified playlist:

mpc clear
mpc load <playlist_name>
mpc play

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