I use the OS X Finder feature to expand/fit the column width to the longest filename a lot -- by double-clicking the two vertical bars at the bottom of the column border (in Snow Leopard) or the column border itself (in Lion).

Is there a keybaord shortcut for this?

Or perhaps even a permanent setting to make fitting column widths to the longest filename the default?


I don't believe this is possible.

A list of available keyboard shortcuts for finder

The issue I can see it not being possible is because finder doesn't know which column you are trying to resize.

Although, if you Alt+doubleclick all columns in the window should resize. :)

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    I was thinking the shortcut would resize the current column when you have a column active due to typing the first few letters of a filename and/or using the arrow keys. Thanks though! – Ghopper21 Jul 3 '12 at 1:36

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