I have various video files in H264 / xvid / mp4 / avi codecs/containers.

Some of them are very long and I'd like to chop them down into 10 minute long segments.

Are there any tools that can automatically and losslessly split such video files according to a given segment length?

A solution for either OS X or Windows will do.


I like Avidemux. Can't say if this is something you want to use or not, but you can't beat the price - free!!! And there's a version for Mac, Windows and even Linux!

Avidemux is extremely fast as long as you're not transcoding (from like AVI to MP4 or something) too.

Check it out: http://www.avidemux.org


"Avidemux" is a fine choice.

"VirtualDub" has a multi-segment mode and is very popular FOSS software.

"Avi Splitter" could work for you, even though it only works based on segment sizes, not length.

Even "Easy Video Splitter" could work, even though it's quite old software.

"MP4Box" will also do what you need and you could try a GUI to make your life easier, like "YAMB".


Avidemux doesn't automatically split a video into segments - you have to do it manually. For example, if you have a 2 hour video and want to split it into 10 minute segments, which would be 12 total, there is no auto function for that.

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