I have a Jabber (XMPP) account. I'm trying to set it up with Bitlbee, IRC to IM gateway. Let's say, it is called user@foo.com. However the connect server is located at bar.org. In Pidgin, when you press Accounts ↣ user@foo.com/ (XMPP) ↦ Edit Account on the tab "Advanced" there is a field "Connect server:", where one can set custom server. How can i do the same in Bitlbee?


Thanks to channel #bitlbee on irc.oftc.net, i found the solution.

First you add an account: account add jabber user@foo.com password.

Then you setup a server: acc <tag> set server bar.org, where is a tag for the account (in my case either jabber or jabber2).

  • You may also need to set other options. You can view these by sending: "account <tag or #> set" (without the quotes) and then setting the option with "account <tag or #> set option value". Example: acc 5 set password BlahBlahBlah – joat Sep 9 '16 at 2:57

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