As the question says how would I start a application as admin when using Windows 7's search box. This must be done using the keyboard only , I tried Shift + Enter and ctrl + Enter , both don't seem to have any effect.


Hit Windows-key, type some program name, Ctrl-Shift-Enter, confirm UAC - Voilà! This is my favorite feature of Windows Vista/7! I never go looking in the All Programs menu anymore! :)

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It's a command in the context menu, so just go to the application you want to start using the arrow buttons, and press the "context-menu" button:

alt text

Then go down (using the arrows again) to the "run as administrator" command and press enter

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  • Lol i guess that could work , was hoping for a cleaner way of doing it :) – RC1140 Sep 21 '09 at 10:21

In Vista, the keyboard shortcut for run as administrator is Ctrl-Shift-Enter.

I would hope/assume they didn't change it for Windows 7

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