I am looking for an online OCR website for processing a multi-page pdf file at one time. Free preferably.

I know http://www.newocr.com/. If I am correct, it can only OCR one page at a time, by manually clicking "Preview" and then clicking "OCR" for each page. After each page is OCRed, I have to copy out the text result manually too.

If my pdf file has 30~ pages, it will be tedious to repeat the above process for each page. I wonder if there is some other online websites that OCR a whole pdf file, without asking me for manual operation?



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Google Docs can OCR PDFs but you need to upload your PDF to Google Drive for that to work.

The process is explained here. Simply right-click your PDF file in the Google Drive website and select Open with / Google Docs from the context menu. The formatting will not be retained very well, however.


I have used this free online tool for OCR'ing multi-page PDF files:

  • Nice page, and it converts long documents too (at leas my 184 page pdf)! Although it did at a watermark in the footer, which could be undesired in some cases. Nov 30, 2014 at 15:28

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