I am using Word 2010 and would like to use a "field code" in a contract so that I only have to type the Company's name in once and then have it update the rest of the document. Do I do this in Quick Parts or maybe use a macro instead?


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Insert a "DocProperty" type field code. If you have the "Company" document property filled with the company name then these field codes will be populate with this company name.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Create a new Property Field (File->Info->Advanced Properties [under 'Properties'])
    • Custom Tab
    • Name: "Example Field"
    • Type: Text
    • Value: "1.0"
    • Click 'Add', then 'OK'
    • This adds it to the displayed 'Properties' listing
    • If you ever want to revise or change it, come back to this listing and select it, update the displayed value in 'Value' and press the new 'Modify' button
  • Insert the new field into use in document
    • From document you want to insert this into (Insert->Text->Quick Parts->Field)
    • Category: Document Information
    • Field name: DocProperty
    • Property: 'Example Field'

Whenever update of the value is needed use the process listed above to re-access the property. Then press Ctrl+A, then F9 and select ‘All’ for update to complete. This does not apply to Headers & Footers, these need manual updates (R.C.->Update Field), not sure why but quite easy to do!

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