I have 2 physical drives drives in my computer, C and D. Recently D "disappeared" and I assumed that it had stopped working but never removed it. I then mapped the letter D: to network share. Later the physical drive "reappeared" and when I navigate to D this is the drive I see. However the operating system also thinks that it's mapped to a network share and shows a red X next to the drive letter indicating that it can't reach that share but I can still navigate to the physical drive there.

How do I unmap this drive letter?


You did not say which OS you are using. I am assuming win7:

  • Right click on [my computer], select "manage".
  • Go to disk Management.
  • Right click on the partition with attached drive letter "D"
  • Use "change drive letter and paths"
  • Remove drive letter D:

After a reboot you should just get D: as a network mapping, one which you can delete (also use right click and then disconnect). Restore the mapping to D: if whished.

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    what OS matters here. Windows at a cmd typing 'net use' will display current mappings and allow you to add or delete them – datatoo Jul 11 '12 at 9:33
  • Correct OS guess - Win7 - thanks! – Guy Jul 12 '12 at 3:49

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