I would like to highlight the whole row 5 if J5="T".

I used to do it with the old Excel, the 2010 conditional formatting ignores it. So my rule is like this and it does not work. I used the formula $J$20="T", apply to A5:ZZ5, or $5:$5 — nothing works.

It is supposed to change the format if the result of the formula is true, so if it is anything else than a "T" it should not highlight/change the format.

The formula was simple and it worked before, now it can not understand it.


If your Applies to field is set to A5:ZZ5 (or $5:$5 to highlight the entire row), your formula should be


Note where the $ is placed.

In my example below, my formula is set to =$J1="T" and my Applies to field is set to $A$1:$Z$6.

enter image description here

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