Today I noticed that a "BD-ROM Drive" appears in My Computer.

enter image description here

I do not remember installing anything that would've done that.

What could've caused this?

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    Do you have some drive emulator software such as alchool or daemon tools installed on your system? – Diogo Jul 13 '12 at 16:59
  • Most likely a virtual drive with Daemon Tools or something..! – Ahmed Bilfaqih Jul 13 '12 at 17:03

The likely explanation would be that you installed virtual drive emulation software such as Daemon Tools, Alcohol 52%/120%, or PowerISO (or another disc-burning software that has drive-emulation capability).

In most cases depending on the version and program used, a virtual drive is added automatically after install.


BD-ROM DRIVE means Blu-Ray Disk Read Only Memory Drive.

It usually appears when you install a Virtual Drive using softwares like Daemon Tools, PowerISO, etc, and it is used to mount .ISO files and many other data formats.


In Daemon Tools you can also click on "Remove all drives" and this will get rid of all the unwanted BD-ROM drives


I used DAEMON Tools, as mentioned in other posts, and a lot of BD-ROM drives appeared on my computer; actually, they took over all the drive letters, from E: to Z:. On my laptop, I couldn't use any USB drives. With no drive letters remaining, when I insert a flash USB, it can't mount on Win8.

I went to disk manager under device manager and disabled several of them. After that, USB was able to mount.

The OP has only one BD-ROM, so that was not the problem in this case. But this may be helpful to someone else.

  • I also used DAEMON Tools and a lot of BD-ROM drives appeared on my computer, actually they took over all the drive letters, from E: to Z:, the topic starter has only one, so that was not a problem, but on my laptop I couldn't use any USB drives. Hope this will be helpful to someone as well. – B.I. Jan 22 '16 at 9:25

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