I am struggling with an enormous library in a Flash CS3 file.

I am trying to organize it by moving hundreds of symbols into sub folders, but it is too tedious to be worth doing. I select some items and then have to painstakingly drag-and-scroll the library pane to the folder I want and drop the items in there. It will take forever to get everything in the right place.

Is there a better technique, or perhaps a 3rd party app or an extension of some kind that will allow me to more easily shift stuff around inside and out of library folders? Thanks so much!

Precision: The question is about how to organize symbols inside an Adobe Flash CS3 library, not about how to organize files in general on the harddrive.


Yes, there are extensions to help with organizing your library.

  • If none of these work well for you, reply via a comment here and I'll write a JSFL command that moves the selected library items into a folder. (you can install this command simply by copying the file to your Flash installation folder) – Robin Rodricks Oct 18 '09 at 12:57

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