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Multiple versions of Internet Explorer on a machine

My PC is having IE 6 on XP SP3. I cannot upgrade my PC to Windows 7 now. I need to use both IE 6 and IE 9 on the same PC. How can I do it ?


The simple answer is you can't. IE9 does not run on XP. Apparently, it uses Direct2D for its rendering, which is only available in Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista with the Platform Update. As a side note, Firefox 4+ does the same thing for its hardware acceleration. The reason FF will still run on XP is they disable hardware accelerated rendering and fall back to other methods. IE9 cannot do this.

Your only real option is to run a virtual machine and install a newer version of Windows in there, if you are unable to upgrade your current system.

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I have always used MultipleIE when testing older browsers on a computer that has IE9. It installs whatever you want, but if you leave it to default it will install everything all the way back to IE1.

It's a good little bit of kit, and from experience this is the closest thing you'll get to running IE6 on your computer without running a virtual machine.

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