I am planning to build a new computer in the fall with two hard drives: 1TB for Windows and 500GB for Ubuntu. I also have a 320GB external drive that I am using for backups on my current PC. I want to continue to use this drive for backups of important files. I am not concerned with backups of the operating systems. I am unsure how I should do this backup scheme.

I plan to keep word documents, music, etc. on the Windows drive, while keeping programming stuff on the Ubuntu partition. Is there a way to back up both drives on the same external drive? Or perhaps online in Dropbox? I assume it would be easiest to do it through Ubuntu. Thanks for the help!

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If you want to backup both systems at the same destination disk, I recommend Clonezilla.

Clonezilla allows you to make a mirror of your partitions or entire disk to a destination folder.


Use tar to pack up the contents of each drive to a separate tarball. You'll need to reinstall the bootloaders after, but that's not particularly difficult if you have the install discs of both. Otherwise you'll need to use dd to grab the first few kilobytes of each partition as well as the drive as a whole.

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