I would like to have "Title Page" and "Table of Contents" PDF bookmarks when I save my Word document as a PDF, but the save option only converts bookmarks from headings, and I do not want to change the title or table of contents into heading styles, as I do not want to include them in the automatically-generated table of contents.

In other words, I would like my PDF bookmark structure to look like this:

  1. Title Page (Level 1 Heading)
  2. Table of Contents (Level 1 Heading)
  3. Chapter 1 (Level 1 Heading)
  4. Chapter 2, etc. (Level 1 Heading)

And my Word TOC to look like:

  1. Chapter 1 (Level 1 Heading)
  2. Chapter 2, etc. (Level 1 Heading)

If I can't accomplish this in Word, is there another tool which you could recommend? Many thanks.

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You can apply a new paragraph style to the Title Page and Table of Content paragraphs instead of using Heading 1, Let's call it "MyStyle". Just make sure the new style has Paragraph Format -> Outline Level set to Level 1 so it's still seen as a "heading" and will appear in the output PDF.

You will next need to edit the TOC to exclude the new style from appearing in the TOC:

  1. Right click on the TOC
  2. Click Edit Field
  3. Click Table of Contents
  4. Click Options
  5. Under Available Styles scroll down and find the style you created.
  6. Delete any number in the box next to exclude it from the TOC
  • Worked perfectly, thank you. I didn't know that "Level 1" constituted a heading in the conversion process.
    – SEL
    Jul 18, 2012 at 6:37

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