I have thousands upon thousands of PDF files that have OCR. It's great when you have one open but I want to be able to find PDF files in a folder that contain X. Adobe seems to have something build in but it takes quite some time to process -- I figured once the OCR was done it would be a faster process.

Any advice or tips on how to manage this would be great. Ideally a recommendation on search software for Windows 7 that supports this. Thanks!

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    AIUI, PDF files contain searchable text and/or contain non-searchable images of scanned text. You can use OCR on images to extract searchable text that then is incorporated in a PDF file. What do you mean by "PDF files that have OCR"? Jul 18, 2012 at 9:58

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If the PDFs have already been OCRed you should be able to use an indexed search product like Windows Search (you may need to tweak indexing settings) or a 3rd party product like Agent Ransack.


I use PDF-Viewer for searching through directories of PDFs. It is quite fast.

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Copernic desktop search (pro may be better for you imho)


You can try out dtSearch -- one of the best document search options out there.

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