Let's say I search for an artist using the Spotify search box, pull up an album (served from Spotify's servers), and double-click the first track on the album to start it playing. Great.

Now, I click something else in the left nav (like "Inbox") and switch away from the album.

Spotify will keep playing the whole album I started-- after the 1st track is done, the next track will play, etc.

But how do I get back to the view showing that album, and what track will be next?

(In other words-- in iTunes, I can press command-L for "Current Song" but Spotify doesn't to have that...?)


Click on the album cover in the lower left corner to get back to the current playlist.

  • Great to know! And one of the most un-discoverable bits of UX I've ever seen. :( – buildsucceeded Jun 28 '16 at 12:49

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