I am not interested in synchronizing my local clock with the remote server. I only want to query it and print the result.

I would have assumed that there is a port of ntpq for Windows, but was unable to find any.

All other NTP clients I could find, they always want to install themselves as a service or make it otherwise clear that they want to synchronize my local time.


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C:\> w32tm /stripchart /computer:foo
Tracking foo [].
The current time is 19/07/2012 17:39:48 (local time).
17:39:48 d:-00.0000840s o:-25.3004160s  [@                          |                           ]
17:39:50 d:-00.0000680s o:-25.3070080s  [@                          |                           ]
17:39:52 d:-00.0000690s o:-25.2987405s  [@                          |                           ]
17:39:54 d:-00.0000680s o:-25.3071530s  [@                          |                           ]
17:39:56 d:-00.0000690s o:-25.2993985s  [@                          |                           ]
17:39:58 d:-00.0000680s o:-25.3070270s  [@                          |                           ]

Wireshark shows NTP packets being generated by this. Some versions of w32tm have a /query option

C:\>w32tm /stripchart /computer:us.pool.ntp.org /dataonly /samples:5
Tracking us.pool.ntp.org [].
Collecting 5 samples.
The current time is 19/07/2012 18:36:32.
18:36:32, +03.3575094s
18:36:34, +03.3573679s
18:36:37, +03.3572986s
18:36:39, +03.3570290s
18:36:41, +03.3565357s
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    To my understanding the /query is to query configuration parameters. I used it all day :D Jul 19, 2012 at 17:26
  • This is perfect. Exactly what I needed. Thanks :) Jul 19, 2012 at 17:27
  • I don't know if this works as expected, because I receive a valid time whatever I put as computer value.
    – Ozkan
    Jul 12, 2018 at 9:39
  • @Ozkan ask a question 1) quoting what you saw and explaining 2) what you expected to see instead and 3) why. Jul 12, 2018 at 11:02

Bytefusion's ntpquery seems to be incredibly old, but works. Sadly, it requires initial installation, but the application files will work fine when copied to another system.

enter image description here

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    Installation not needed: open in 7-Zip, extract ntpquery.exe, and use as-is. Aug 7, 2020 at 21:17

The latest and greatest NTP check tool I could find was this: https://www.galsys.co.uk/categories/ntp-server-checker.html

enter image description here

  • This I especially like because it is portable.
    – cjbarth
    May 9, 2022 at 13:31
  • FYI : 4 security vendors and no sandboxes flagged this file as malicious "Scheduled Task/Job T1053 Creates COM task schedule object (often to register a task for autostart) Command and Scripting Interpreter" "Very long command line found T1059 Very long cmdline option found, this is very uncommon (may be encrypted or packed)" Jan 10 at 14:39
  • Looking at the sources in dotPeek, this is a .NET Fx 4.0 VB.NET app with no malicious code i could find.
    – Structed
    Apr 26 at 11:28

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