In my Access (2010) database, I have 4 linked tables (from other Access databases) that I would like to feed into one table, or query. I've tried using the query design but can't seem to get it right. Each table has the following columns:

Date, ColorID, PartCategory, PartSubcategory, MilThickness, Painter, Paint Line, Pre/Post Cure, Reading Number, Inspector, Time.

Like I said before I would like to be able to see the data records of all 4 linked tables in one table or query, but I would need instructions on how to do this.


This will return everything from all 4 tables as one recordset:

Select * from Table1
Select * from Table2
SElect * from Table3
Select * from Table4

You would need to put this in SQL view of your query and replace Table1 etc, with the actual table names.

For more information about using Union, you can go here.

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