It might be a duplicate of this but I need a little revision: Creating a folder from first 5 characters of filename in a batch file

I don't need to select the first five letters of the file. I want the folder name to be exactly the same as the file name. And I want it to happen in the folder wherever the batchscript is located. So it must detect the current folder.

Any easy way to modify the original script?

EDIT: Actually not much modification is needed. However when it creates the folders it includes the file extension. Is there a way to remove the file extension?


Using ~n includes only the filename without the extension.

You don’t even need a whole batch file, just the following line is enough:

for %i in (*) do md "%~ni"

It must be run from the target directory though, so the current directory is irrelevant because md "%~ni" defaults to creating the directory in the current working directory.

If you want to run it from any directory and pass it the target (e.g., create a shortcut that you can drag-and-drop folders to), then you can use this (e.g., Files2Folders.bat):

@for %%i in (%1\*) do md "%1\%%~ni"

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