I have made an application. All i want is that only i have permission to edit the cells or rows. rest employees can edit only those cells which i allow them to. is it possible? also i would like to place this document on a shared drive. n i want that no 2 users can make changes in it at same time. i.e. if one user s using it, n other triest o open it, he gets an alert that this user is using it. would you like to notify?

Is there any way out for both of my problems? i tried going to tools> allow users to edit range > added a range > permission > add > "entered the email ids" apply and clied on denied without password for this range and applied. but it dint work.



Go to Tools (or the Review tab if < 2007)

  • Protection (if < 2007)
  • Protect Sheet

You should have enough options in the new window which pops up.

  • Protecting the sheet locks the whole sheet for me also – Shefali Jul 24 '12 at 6:43

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