How can you pretty print a directory structure with all subdirectories to the deepest level in the linux terminal(ubuntu)? This is an example of such a pretty print output for a mysite folder:

|-- manage.py
|-- mysite
    |-- __init__.py
    |-- settings.py
    |-- urls.py
    |-- wsgi.py
|-- polls
    |-- __init__.py
    |-- models.py
    |-- tests.py
    |-- views.py
    |-- static
        |-- css
            |-- styles.css
|-- templates
    |-- polls
        |-- index.html

You can use the tree command. You might need to install it if it is not already installed.

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A shell only version, usage: dirtree

cd $DIR 
for x in * ; do
  [ -d $DIR/$x ] && echo "$SPACING\`-{"$x && $0 $DIR/$x "$SPACING "
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  • Hard to follow this, and hard to use. It doesn’t want to run for me. (I’m not on ubuntu though, but this looks portable enough.) What do you mean, usage: dirtree? – Alan H. Aug 6 '15 at 17:54

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