Well, on Windows XP and on Windows 98 you can put an animated gif as an wallpaper easily.

On Windows 7, when doing that the displayed wallpaper is only a frame of the animated gif.

How to put an animated gif as wallpaper on Windows 7?

PS: If the solution is a 3rd-party software, I do prefer a free solution :)

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You can use this to allow use of wmv and mpg as a background in 7. http://windows7themes.net/how-to-use-dreamscene-in-windows-7.html


You don’t. Active Desktop was removed in Vista.

  • It was removed because it was a security risk and WAS exploited.
    – Ramhound
    Jul 23, 2012 at 14:46

Your only option in Windows 7 is to use a third party application, such as Stardock's Deskscapes to provide that functionality. I use Deskscapes on my home machine and I love it (most of the time). It does occasionally cause my desktop screen to stop responding after exiting a full screen game, but this is rare. And I can get it to work just by restarting Explorer from the Task Manager.


Download dreamsceneseven from http://www.dreamsceneseven.com/ and then download wallpapers what you like here http://www.dreamsceneseven.com/animatedwallpapers.htm. Set you background as instruction.

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