Recently I have been having issues with my computer hanging. Following the instructions from the community FAQ, I installed Procdump so I could make a dump file to go over once my system hangs again.

So how do I use Procdump to perform a diagnosis? When I try to run it, the procdump command prompt shows up on screen for a split second then disappears so fast I can't even read it. I've tried running it from cmd and as an administrator, but cmd doesn't even find it and running it as an admin solves nothing.

Right now I have the Procdump folder at C:\Procdump, if that's any help.

Edit: I did get procdump working for me, but I have no idea where it is keeping the dump files that it makes.

  • Hey Landon, I would suggest asking for something specific here. For example "How do I keep the procdump window displaying?" OR (this is really what you should ask): "How do I use procdump to diagnose a dump?" – James Mertz Jul 24 '12 at 4:54

If you want to see output of any console program - run it in the console. For example, press Win+R, type cmd and press enter.

Now you can use command prompt for executing and running console apps.

  • Now hopefully I can finally get to the bottom of my computer's problems – Landon Jul 24 '12 at 9:24

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