Is there some sort of app/hack for Windows 7 that allows you to have the same functionality as "Close All But This" on a Visual Studio tab (where it closes all other tabs but that one)? I'd like to be able to close all grouped windows but the one I'm clicking on (think Outlook - keep main window open but close all message windows).


There are two ways to close an open windows quickly using Aero Peak (hover over the application icon to get the preview of all open windows).

  • Either click on the red 'x'
  • Middle-Click on each preview

Otherwise there isn't any direct way to close all but active windows that I know of, but there could be a 3rd-Party app that would put a "Close all but this" in the jump list.

  • I didn't know about the middle click - that'd help for most situations. 30+ Windows, it gets old fast though. Might have to write my own. Sep 23 '09 at 0:48
  • 2
    I agree, it'd be a great feature, maybe I'll look at writing a PowerToys for Win7 as well.
    – Steve T
    Sep 23 '09 at 22:46

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