Is there a way to have this feature in Notepad++:

  1. select some text
  2. insert an html <tag>``</tag> around it (ie. <strong>, <em> etc)

I've found a plugin that does that, Webedit and it's available in Notepad++'s Plugin Manager (Plugins > Plugin Manager > Show Plugin Manager).


There's three ways to do this

Using the fingertext plugin

  1. install "FingerText" plugin. (tested 0.5.60 version).
  2. download finger text snippet.
  3. select text, press alt+/.
  4. for example type b (you can create your own "snippet tag" later).
    Notes: some version notepad++ must edit:
    $[![]!] to $[![(key)SELECTION]!]
  5. press tab or enter

  1. You can install any of this:

  2. select text, found and click menu "wrap with abbreviation".

  3. type your tag
  4. press Ok

Using multiple edit steps:

  1. Preparation step

    • click "Setting" > "Preferences" menu.
    • click Editing tab.
    • check "Enable (Ctrl+Mouse click/selection)" in "Multi Editing Settings" groupbox
  2. Execute this step

    1. Click before text, Ctrl+Click after text, like this:

      ` click here  `   text    Ctrl+` click here `
    2. Typing whatever <tag>, will be around like this:


    3. Press Ctrl+ twice, and type /

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  • please explain fingertext again, that's confusing me. Let say a simple text "abc" and i want to enclose it in <b>abc</b> how to add its snippet. – Wasim A. Jul 19 '15 at 8:28
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Solution found at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34724634/notepad-shortcut-to-add-brackets-around-highlighted-text

1) Mark text
2) Goto Macro -> start recording
3) Cut highlighted text (CTRL+C)
4) Type: "{" then do CTRL-V then Type "}"
5) goto Macro -> Stop Macro
6) Save Macro as a shortcut

From a related question

Try going into TextFX / TextFX Settings and check 'auto close XHTML tags'. This makes it work in plain HTML files too. You may need to install it if using a newer version of Notepad++

Click Plugins > Plugin Manager > Show Plugin Manager On the "available" tab check the box by "TextFX Characters" Click Install Restart Notepad++ Enable the auto-close XHTM features as described above.

Is this what you had in mind?

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