The following lines for ~/.Xresources work only partially in xterm:

xterm*VT100.Translations:       #override   \n\
        Shift <Key> BackSpace:  string("2") \n\
  Alt   Shift <Key> BackSpace:  string("4") \n\
  Ctrl  Shift <Key> BackSpace:  string("6")

What happens is that Shift+Backspace is correctly translated but the other two turn out to be the same.

Is it possible to translate those three key combinations to different strings?

xterm*VT100.Translations: #override \n\
  ~Alt ~Ctrl Shift<Key>BackSpace: string("2") \n\
  Alt Shift<Key>BackSpace: string("4") \n\
  Ctrl Shift<Key>BackSpace: string("6")

~Alt means "Alt is not pressed".

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