What is the most streamlined process in Linux for getting a high quality .AVI file burned to DVD disk for playback on normal DVD players?

  • High quality? DVD can only hold 480p – Cole Johnson Dec 9 '12 at 20:21

Convert Xvid or Avi to DVD Format in Ubuntu,
also the Ubuntuforums thread Convert AVI to DVD ISO.
Also read through the comments for more references (like, DeVeDe).

Here is one more article I located recently when trying to backup an Audio CD:
The Ultimate Guide To Manage Your Audio/Video Files In Linux
a nice reference for multiple related tools.


If you're talking about a front-end GUI app, look at Devede.


Use Avidemux (Available for Linux and Windows).

Detailed video on converting to DVD format here. You'll also want the DVD authoring guide.


define 'normal' DVD-Player.

DivX support is pretty much standard for set top boxes today, so burning your AVI file(s) onto a data DVD should suffice.

  • Watch out for the length of your filename if you choose this option. Some set top boxes refuse to recognize files if the filename is too long. – Zoot Oct 6 '10 at 17:39

Tovid might be what you're looking for. Here's an example

tovid mpg -in ski_trip.mov -out ski_trip
tovid mpg -in florida.mov -out florida
tovid mpg -in recital.mov -out recital
tovid menu "Steamboat Ski Weekend" "Florida Beach Vacation" "My Piano Recital" -out main_menu
tovid xml -menu main_menu.mpg ski_trip.mpg florida.mpg recital.mpg -out my_dvd
tovid dvd -burn my_dvd.xml

Here's a link to the Tovid wiki which has details on installing and setting it up.


If your AVI file is encoded in Divx or Xvid you might want to try burning just the file. DivX playback is a popular feature on DVD players these days... yours might support it without you even knowing.


Try Handbrake

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Not completely stream-lined, but a way to do it:

Open DeVeDe from the Ubuntu Menut at: Applications > Sound & Video > DeVeDe

Select "Video DVD" from DeVeDe's menu.

To name the DVD title, click the "Properties" button, in the "Title" section. I like my videos to reply after they're done, so I select the "Play First Title" option. Click the "OK" button

In the "Files" section of DeVeDe, click the "Add" button. A window will pop up. Under the "File" section click the folder icon (on the right), and navigate to where the AVI file is (that you created earlier using Avidemux). Click the "OK" button. If you want to add additional avi files, you can repeat this step as needed.

Under the "Menu" section, I always uncheck "Create a Menu with Subtitles", because I like the DVD to just start playing when I put it into my player (without the additional that a menu offers).

Now click the forward button, and choose were you want your DVD Iso to be placed on your file system.

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